There’s Rain in the Forecast!

Rain can totally destroy your plans of camping out, trail blazing, bird watching or any outdoor activity.  But what do the terms, “isolated “, “scattered ” and “thunderstorms:” mean on weather reports?


Isolated showers or storms = 25% or less chance of getting wet at any given location. If isolated storms are in the forecast, it’s smart to keep an eye to the sky and on radar, but chances are you’ll stay dry.

Widely Scattered Showers or Storms = 30-40% chance of rain.  It’s more likely than not storms will avoid you in this scenario, but watch radar.

Scattered showers and storms = 40-60%.  Whether you get rained on or not is anyone’s guess, you better watch the radar.

Rain or Thunderstorms = greater than 60 percent – most of the area will be affected. This is not a good day for an outdoor adventure unless you like the rain.


Hiking in the Rain

Hiking in the rain means you will be cooler because your are wet and this makes some people happy.  However, according to my husband (and several other sources) hiking in a rain shower could drop urushiol on to your clothing.  What is urushiol?  That is the substance found in poison oak, ivy and sumac.

Make sure you are not standing in a poison ivy shower.

Picture this:  You gear up in wetlong pants and a rain jacket and head out to the woods.  It is pouring rain and you love how the rain drops feel as they hit your face.  You look up towards the heavens allowing the droplets to sprinkle your face.  As you trample through the woods your pants brush against leaves and twigs, but no mind you, after all you are in pants.

The problem here is that every raindrop that falls on your face and hands contains urushiol.  Water will also seep through  your clinging clothing to your skin.  If you are smart enough to wear rain gear, urushiol will remain on the outside, but can drip down into your socks.  What happens when you take the non-porous clothing off?  Can you be certain you are careful enough not to touch any of the wet areas?

Did you know?

Georgia State Parks websites have a link to check the local weather for each of it’s parks. So before you hit the trail, visit to see how the day is going to turn out.

weather report


Keep the Lust for Wandering Y’all!




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