What’s Cookin?

Cooking thumb-down-smiley in the Summer Heat

While camping in June, whangrye decided on our first night, to cook fish that we brought from home. It was 8pm when we arrived at the campsite and we were hangry! EDIT BY SHANE: (That’s hungry and angry if you don’t speak “Fran-ese”).  After seasoning the grouper, I wrapped it, along with potatoes, carrots and onions in aluminum foil.  I started a camp fire using charcoals and a few limbs.  It is hot in GA in the summer and making a roaring fire is not exactly what we want to do, so I kept it small.  I threw the foil packs on the fire and helped Shane finish unpacking.  By 8:30 we were all setup and ready to eat.  I pull the fish off the fire pit and open it to find that after 30 minutes the fish is still raw and the veggies are hard.

Lesson Learned: Using charcoals on a fire pit only is not how to cook outdoors.  You have to stoke the fire and make it hot.  If not hot enough, the grill grate is too far away from the flames for it to heat effectively.

We pulled out the Coleman grill and finished cooking using propane.  For future reference:  We decided because we were now eating at 9:30 PM that we should either A.) grab dinner on way to campground B.) cook something fast like hotdogs or C.) eat a sammich or…

D.) Let’s go a step further.  COOKING DINNER IN THE SUMMER HEAT SUCKS! I am done.  I got so hot cooking the dinner meals that weekend, that I had no appetite. I am not cooking dinner over a fire, or on a portable propane stove during the summer months again!

Lesson Learned:  Cook breakfast every morning and eat raw healthy foods like fruits and nuts or sandwiches the rest of the day.

Eat at Local Eateries:

Local joints struggle to stay in competition with chain restaurants.  We try our best to BBQsearch these places out when we are out and about.  The locals sometimes tell you stories or things to see when you are visiting their area.  If you really want to know how to find the coolest things to do, ask a local.  They usually love to tell you about their town. They will tell you where the best place to eat.   After this June trip we decided that during the warm weather, we will leave the campground every evening in search of a local grub hub.

Keep the Lust for Wandering, Ya’ll!

Fran & Shane

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