Independence in a Small Town

CourtToday is America’s 241st Birthday.  Our Independence Day.  I love my country.  I see happiness as well as sadness in my country.  I see love and hate, pride and disrespect. Like people, no government is perfect.  Communism, Democracy, Monarchy, Socialism. Each has it’s flaws, as there is no such thing as a utopia.  But sometimes on a perfect summer day in a small town you get the illusion of such a thing.


I grew up in Henry County, Georgia, south of Atlanta.  In the 70’s my town had one red light.  It’s purpose was to stop traffic at the railroad crossing.  There was a Tastee Freez in the middle of town where you could grab an ice cream cone on a Saturday night.

18664683_10154879149124565_1682624335704468530_nEver since I could remember my county has had parades to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday, The Fourth of July, and Christmas.  I marched in the parades growing up and then my daughters had a chance to do the same, on the same streets.

gallery_07During the summer the county seat, the town of McDonough, hosts ice cream socials, outdoor movies, sock hops, concerts, and lunches in the town square.  All free of charge for the families who call this place their home.  Southern charm at it’s very best.

The square is hustling and bustling with crowds and cars during the day.  It really isn’t as “small town” as it used to be, but as the sun starts to go down and the air begins to cool, the square becomes quiet.  When I am walking amidst the geraniums on warm summer evening I feel a peaceful connection to my childhood.

This week Shane, Olivia, Julia, and I were eating at Olivia’s img_4790.jpgfavorite restaurant, H. J. Wings and Things.  Olivia was so excited to have some decent wings while she was home from culinary college for the holiday.

After dinner we drove through the square of McDonough, and seeing it draped with American flags we got out and snapped a few shots of our town all dressed up for America’s Independence day.


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Tonight, my community gathered to share ice cream, laughter, music and fireworks.  We celebrated our Independence.   America has learned a lot over the past 241 years, and we still have a lot to learn but today, we were united by our passion for our country.  Life in a small town is good.


Keep the Lust for Wandering Y’all!




Thanks to I Love McDonough where I was able to pull a lot of information about the current events and photos.



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