Skeenah Mill

Built in 1848, the grist mill at Skeenah campground, was fully operational for over one-hundred-thirty years. Today it sits silently as a plant grows from the top of the round wheel.

Shane, Julia and I stopped by the Skeenah Campground located at 20 Skeenah Gap Rd, Suches, GA, where the mill resides for a look-see. This is a campground so please stop by the house for permission before just trampling through. The campground was quiet with a small road circling through. There are tree’s covering the RV spots and places right along the creek for tent campers to stake down.

The grass was wet from the morning dew causing my Tom’s to become drenched. I hate the feeling of cold wet grass in the morning. I had a pair of socks on and they too were soaked through and clammy on my little tootsies.  Then there were the gnats: oh man, I swear they were on a mission to fly up my nose.  I picture them now as I write this, with little bomber hats and goggles on steering their way towards the tunnel of endless wonders. HACHEW-EEE! Those little suckers were everywhere and I was swatting around like a lunatic in the wet spongy meadow wearing sopping wet canvas shoes. Ahh, the waning summer mornings in the Georgia mountains Y’all. Gotta love it.

It was worth it to capture these photos for you though. I did this allll for youooo.

IMG_8835IMG_88292017-09-19 10.25.012017-09-19 10.26.00 HDR2017-09-19 10.27.452017-09-19 10.28.07

 Keep the Lust for Wandering Y’all!


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