Krog Street Tunnel

So let’s discuss Krog Street tunnel.  If you want to know what is going down in Atlanta, this is the place to go, even Creative Loafing dubbed it “Atlanta’s original social media” in 2011. It is a marketplace for local graffiti artists to represent or tag. It is an art hub for imaginative paintings, graffiti tagging, murals, music, vlogs and those in the media scene. You may witness a music video being recorded, film students making documentaries, art being created, musicians playing, or photo being shot here. It is a-happenin’ place.


Above the tunnel are the tracks that lead to CXS Hulsey train yard. Krog Street tunnel is a short underpass connecting two Atlanta neighborhoods: Cabbagetown and Inman Park.  It is said that local artists have been creating murals and tagging this tunnel since the 70’s.

Photo Oct 03, 5 55 57 PM

The tunnel and walls are lively with vivid artwork that is inspiring, creative, illuminating and fun. It is tangled hodgepodge of spray paint, overlapping and ever-changing. Artwork never stays long here before someone covers up the current with a brand-new image or idea. This is the place to visit to find out what is going on in the area. The tunnel is always being updated with ads for local music, live events, and festival dates. Opinionated artists scrawl messages about social and political issues, alongside amusing quips and love notes. As you can see “Steven likes Bread and Caroline!” (Follow Steven likes Bread on IG)

Photo Oct 03, 5 43 55 PMThe walls outside the tunnel and around the rail yard are managed by the LIvingWalls and Wallkeepers Committee of the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association. These murals are a bit more professional and taggers seem to understand that these should not be covered up.

Photo Oct 03, 6 00 34 PM

Many of these offer great backdrops for photos. You may see engagement photos or local vloggers and musicians using the art as such.

Photo Oct 03, 6 01 21 PM

Go see Krog Street tunnel Y’all, I think you will enjoy it! There are usually places to park in Cabbagetown or Inman area. Just look around Wylie Street for a spot.

Keep the Lust for Wandering Y’all!

Fran, Olivia & Julia

Photo Oct 03, 5 50 58 PM



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