Who Am I?


My mama calls me her “bohemian”.  I am a child of the 70’s and all that peace and love crap somehow seeped in and nested deep inside of me.  I live modestly, drive a hybrid, recycle and “hand-me-downs” are my friends.

I believe that God put us on this earth to be stewards of the earth.  It should be respected.  It should be cared for.  It should be loved.  He gave us this temple to play in and we should take care to treat it well and to love it.  As my mama taught me, you just have to clean up after yourself.

I love all things living.  I have hugged many trees and even cried as they have been cut down in the name of “progress”.  There isn’t an animal that I don’t adore.   Everything ends in “ies” Goaties”, “ratties”, “Kitties”, “piggies”.   I love to snuggle them all! (Sloths are called “sloths” because they are the supreme animal).  You name it, and we probably have owned it in my household (no sloths, unfortunately).

Love is the most powerful emotion we have as humans.  We have the power to make such huge ripples in the world and yet most of us barely send a droplet out into the ocean of humanity.  However, that one drop can echo and grow without us even realizing the effect.  Can you imagine if we send huge waves instead?  I want to inspire.  I want to live!  I want to invest my time in making those around me happy because in the end, I want to remember that I loved and was loved.

I am Wanderluster and my name is Fran.