10 Reasons You Should Go Camping

Why should you camp?

  1. Electronic Detox – You’ve heard it before: Electronics are bad for us. We are 100% plugged in at work and in our personal lives. Our eyes suffer from the constant staring at devices. Stress levels never fully dissipate because we feel like we have to stay connected. I am not saying you have to turn your phone off while camping, but you don’t have to check your email, play games,  or skim social media all day.  It’s ok for you and your children to put the phone down and enjoy life.
  2. Exercise – Pitching a tent, building a fire, taking a hike, all are simple ways to burn calories. Just walking around a campground can help you achieve that 10k steps goal. Want to do more? Biking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and horseback riding are favorite outdoor activities near or in campgrounds. Get out and get moving. It is MUCH more fun to do these things than that treadmill at the gym.
  3. Relax – Sitting by the fire, wading ankle deep in a river, chatting into the night, walking along a wooded trail, laughing, napping in a hammock, star gazing, reading a good book in a meadow, breathing in the crisp morning air, skipping rocks in a crystal clear lake. Take a weekend where you just relax in nature.IMG_9249
  4. Cheap getaway – Camping is not cheap by no means. Check out our supply list.  You have to buy supplies, but once you have everything you need, it makes it possible to get away cheaply and often. We take spontaneous trips, just throw everything in the vehicle, and off we go. A vacation costs on average $150.00 a day, however, once you have some basic supplies, camping costs on average $30 per day.
  5. Ambiance of Firelight – Have you ever watched fire? The flickering fingers reaching for the tree limbs above. Gas flames sway in the dark. The glowing embers below move in a hypnotic rhythm with the flames, bright orange, dark brown, yellow and red flickering in the night. It warms you and invites you in and gives you a feeling of calm and comfort.
  6. Silence – Our lives are noisy. There is nothing like being in the woods in the night. It is pitch black, and the only light you have is the moon and the stars and your campfire. As your vision is lessened your other senses heighten, everything around you sounds louder. The rustle of the leaves as the breeze kicks at them, the trees creaking as they bend and sway. If it is winter, this is the only sounds you hear. You whisper as not to sound as if you are yelling. Spring, summer, and fall: a plethora of critters will serenade you.2018-02-23 20.22.39
  7. Reset your sleep cycle – The song lyrics, “Early to rise, and early in the sack, thank God I’m a country boy” comes to mind when I am in the woods. Here you live on the sun’s schedule. Birds begin chirping in the early morn, usually before sun up, and then after a day full of outdoor activities, you will want to hit the hay early. This is how we were meant to live: Sun up to sun down.
  8. Sunsets and sunrises – Seeing that you are up at the butt-crack of dawn, you might as well see a sunrise. The dark blue sky lightens to purple as the stars disappear. The morning mist hangs low as the sun peeks out along the horizon. Light glides along gently growing and expanding. Creams, pink, blue and orange mix creating nature’s perfect pallet. Sunset is equally as impressive if not more. The shades of pink, orange, and purples are concentrated and offer a profound sense of unity with the nature around you. When I am outdoors, I see God’s handiwork. I feel His presence most when surrounded by nature.2018-02-23 18.15.31
  9. Reconnect – Camping provides you the opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. Without electronic distractions, you have the chance to talk. Relive your past, discuss future dreams, and talk about today. If camping with kids this would be a great time to examine the universe by star gazing or find the science in how fire is produced. If with the love of your life, now is a great time for romantic gestures.2017-09-19 20.00.26
  10. Renewal of your soul – Camping teaches resilience, problem solving skills,  It builds endurance and determination. It teaches us about our strengths and weaknesses, all these things make us more productive people in work and personal relationships. It gives you time to reflect on yourself, to help you comprehend what is important. It recharges your spirits and calms your soul.

Keep the Lust for Wandering, Y’all!

Shane and Fran


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