My husband, Shane, and I have set forth on an adventure. I have always had wanderlust, an innate desire to travel.  I have traveled to 11 countries but never had the opportunity to see my own backyard.  As a resident of Atlanta, I have been to the coast of GA twice in my life. The mountains a few more than that, and I have tried my darndest to stay out of the gnat infested deep south.  Therefore, we had the idea to spend a few days in every GA State Park and the surrounding areas (even the deep south…)

How did we derive to this idea?  After watching wildlife shows about Alaska, I had the fantastic idea that we should spend 3 months in Alaska when Shane retires at the age of 50.  With this being just a short 3 years, away,  we need to start saving and preparing.

To make this even more, ahem, “interesting” we don’t want to spend just any 3 months, we want to spend a winter in Alaska!  Shane is really interested in subsistence living and would enjoy living off the grid in the wilds of Alaska (OK, maybe Fairbanks or Juno).  I mentioned my idea to him and he was, “all in” seeing that it is still ways away and he had time to convince me otherwise.  He is the logical one of the two of us and decided that we better ease into this, making certain that this is what I would really like to do.  He spent 5 years in the Army and was used to roughing it. I grew up in a big house right outside the city of Atlanta. Mosquito’s and heat are not on my “to do list” when I am thinking of how wonderful it will be!

We purchased a 2 man tent and a few other essentials and we are hitting the trailhead!  Our objective is to camp for the weekend twice a month, come rain or heat and maybe if we are lucky even snow.  Our goal is to keep it inexpensive as possible, pack light, eat healthily and work up to hiking the Appalachian trail in north Georgia before we are too old to do it!  He has a bad back, and I, horrible ankles and asthma. We are in our mid 40’s and a little on the plump side of skinny. But we are determined to sleep on the ground. Clean eat. Hike and see beautiful nature. One day when it is all over maybe a coffee table book of this blog will be added to our living area for our kids to thumb through.

Wanderluster is me and my name is Fran.  I am not lost, I am just wandering.


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